Top 7 Assassins Mobile Legends 2019

Assassin is the hunter class of Mobile Legends that focus on killing the squishy heroes first before or in a team fight. Assassins are the most mobile and hard to play heroes.

This list will be counting down assassins that are capable enough to kill the highly damaging marksman and mages before they create havoc in a fight.


Even after so many nerfs Lancelot is a deadly assassin. Lancelot is very hard to catch and can easily reach the marksman due to incremental dashes. He uses his 2nd ability to harass enemy and counter almost all attacks in game. RECOMMENDED SPELL : Retribution


Hanzo is fastest farmer/jungler. He can easily farm without breaking a sweat. Hanzo can travel through walls in soul form and surprise attack marksman even without actually being there. This makes him the most aggressive assassin to jump in without the fear of dying as his body remains safe back in the safe lines. RECOMMENDED SPELL : Sprint


Zilong is best played as an assassin rather than a fighter. If Zilong farms like an assassin, he can pin point marksman and secure kill without enemy escaping. Also his half fighter nature makes him more useful than other assassins in late game. He can actually stand against fighter class power houses such as Roger, Freya with little CC help from ally. Other assassins only lay waste to fighters in late game.



mobile legend helcurt Inspirational Wallpaper Mobile Legend Hd Helcurt Inspirational Mobile Legends

The best hero in game to secure a kill is undoubtedly Saber. He is the best counter hero for almost all the annoying heroes. He can easily kill marksman hero in late game without any chance of enemy escaping. Saber’s ultimate renders enemy unable to attack or defend. It is very important to mark the damage dealers else he is wasted along with his abilities.



Currently Gusion is the most banned assassin in Ranked matches. He has too much burst damage when used with proper combos. He can easily bring down a tank with his basic attack passive which can be easily triggered twice in an ult combo. Thrice if pro. Gusion’s 2nd dash in ultimate helps him secure kills when diving in turrets and come back alive. He is extremely mobile making him hard to aim with skills.



Helcurt can also be used to counter many skill caster heroes such as Gusion, Fanny. He can silence enemy heroes for 2 seconds. It was 3 seconds before nerf. 1.5 seconds silence from his first ability and 0.5 second from his passive. His ultimate is excellent to separate all enemy heroes and pin point marksman and secure kill before anyone knows. He will kill you if you are not prepared i.e. ready to tap basic attack instead of skills.



Natalia is hands down the most terrifying and unexpected killing machine in late game. She walks with enemy heroes without getting noticed. She can keep tracks of enemy units and as soon as marksman is isolated…Natalia jumps in with a silence to abilities and immunity to basic attacks. Enemy fears when a farmed Natalia roams the map and keeps them at the edge of their seats sticking to a tank for safety.



Fanny is the hardest hero with full difficulty bar to play. If mastered playing her, you can easily wreck opponents in a 1 vs 5 situation too. But she is extremely hard to play…so…0

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