Check Youtube Music Copyright Before Publishing Your Video

So you have completed with creating your awesome video and ready to upload it to Youtube.

But you want to make sure that the music that you used in your video is not copyrighted.

Because if you upload a video with copyrighted content on YouTube then you may not be able to monetize your video or in some cases, it can result in a copyright strike which no one wants.

So what is the solution for this?

Well, the first thing is that if you should not use a piece of music in your video if you don’t have rights to it.

But you are not here for that right?

I have listed the four methods that I was able to find to check music copyright on YouTube.

Let us have a look

1. YouTube Music Library

YouTube has a music policies library in which you can search for the music that you have used and get to know the policies of that particular song.

It will give you information about who owns the music and their current policies. It will also tell you what will happen if you use that particular music in your video.

YouTube music policies page has a collection of a lot of songs but not every song.

youtube music policies library

You can also get some no copyright songs and sounds in the YouTube audio library.

If you were not able to find your song on YouTube music policies then you can try the remaining three methods.

Visit YouTube Music policies library

2. Use Easy Song Licensing is a website which can provide you with the information of copyright holder.

They have a database of  1,400,000 songs and you can search by title, artist or publisher.

check music copyright

If you want the license of a song to use it or to do a cover of it then they can help you with it. But I recommend you to contact the copyright holder by yourself because they charge a hefty fee.

3. Use Shazam

If you don’t know the name of a song then this tool can tell you it name in seconds.

Find name of any song

You can download the Shazam app for IOS or Android and just play the song and it will tell you the name of the song and then you can search for the copyright holder of that song on Goolge

Shazam can also be used to download or listen to songs.

Download Shazam app

4. Private Upload Method

Here is a method that I personally use some times but not recommended.

The method is simple you just need to make a new channel so that your main channel does not get affected.

After that upload your video to it

youtube copyright checker

Select private while uploading, if you are doing it on your main channel so that your audience does not get notified.

upload private

After upload, go to video manager and click on copyright claim on the video that you just uploaded

video manager

Then it will show you all the required information about the copyrighted music or video.

Copyright information

It won’t show you a copyright claim button if it uses music with no copyright or it was not automatically detected by YouTube by content ID match.


The point to be noted in the last method is that if it does not shows the claim right after the upload there might be a chance that if the owner notices it later then it may affect you channel according to the action taken by the owner of that music.

It is always recommended to obtain proper written permission or license to use the music from the copyright owner.

You can get some copyright free music from the following websites

1. YouTube Audio Library

2. Epidemic Sound

3. Free Stock Music

4. Incomptech

You can buy a music license to use from the following websites

1. Audio Jungle

2. Epidemic Sound

I hope that this article was helpful to you. If there are any questions then please comment down below and I will be happy to answer.

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