Amazon prime video vs Netflix: Top 5 reasons why Amazon prime video is better than Netflix

Watching web-series is the new trend the mass market is adopting and so the providers of the web-series. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the main competitor in this field, specially in India. In this article “Amazon prime video vs Netflix : Top 5 reasons why Amazon prime video is better than Netflix.” we are going to discuss why Amazon Prime Video is better than Netflix.

History time

Netflix is a media provider company headquartered at Los Gatos, California. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California in 1997.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the products of Amazon. It is internet video on demand service that is developed, owned and operated by Amazon.

Netflix advantages

netflix screen view
netflix screen view

1.) Easy to use.

Netflix is easy to use. It’s UI is very simple. If you are on computer just go to, login with your username and password and enjoy the content. For mobile users download the Netflix app, it is available for iOS as well as for Android. You can easily glide through the genre section, or by name. It’s all easy for the users

2.) Download content and watch offline

Netflix allows users to download the content and watch offline. If you are going to be out for some vacation or trip, where the internet connection may be poor then you may want to offline the video.

3.) No Advertisements

you can watch Netflix shows without commercials, unlike YouTube where you got to watch commercial every time you start a video. You will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies without commercial, same goes for free trial as well.

4.) Wide range of Membership plans

Netflix has three membership plans basic, standard and premium. Each plan comes with different options.

Basic plan consist of unlimited films and TV programmes, on devices such as laptop, mobile, TV etc. You can cancel the subscription any time. the best part first month is free.

Standard consist of all the above features plus the programmes will be of HD quality, and you can watch them on two different screens.

Premium plan let’s you watch your content of Ultra HD quality and the number of screens went upto 4.

5.) Fantastic experience

Summing up we can say Netflix offers a great experience at moderate price. You can create a list of shows you liked and re-watch it as much as you like. You may also explore new genres and can give your taste-buds a new taste.

Netflix disadvantages

Every product does comes with some disadvantages of its own, so here are the list of things that disappointed us about Netflix.

1.) Location based selection

If you reside in USA the selection of movies and TV shows is great, but if you reside in other parts of the world you will be missing some of the best content out there. As it is region based you will not be able to watch movies from other parts of the world. this is one of the biggest flaws of Netflix.

2.) Content not Updated regularly

Netflix content for some parts of the world are not updated regularly, if you are in US you may get regularly updated content, bit for other countries it is a miss. Also the new episodes are not updated, you will have to wait for some time for the episodes to get updated.

So here are some of the Advantages and Disadvantage of using Netflix. Anyway Netflix is free for the first month hence I would recommend you should try it and see if it’s good for you.

Amazon Prime advantages

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

1.) Regional Languages

Amazon Prime Video is available in different regional languages. You can TV shows, Amazon Prime Originals, latest Hollywood movies, Regional movies and even Anime on Amazon Prime Video. Support of regional allows it to attract customers from different region around the globe.

2.) Affordable plans

Amazon Prime Video is affordable for most of the users, It also have free trial for 30 days. You can watch as many content as you want. You may cancel the subscription when not required.

3.) Side benefits

if you are a member of Amazon you can get one day delivery or fast / free delivery on eligible items. Prime membership also includes free prime-music, access to exclusive deals and many other benefits.

4.) Family Friendly

Prime Video gives options for parental control, you may schedule what your kids should and should not watch, it gives you the control to create pages for kids. It provides add-free and secure content for the kids.

5.) Saving on data

Amazon Prime Video allows you to download the content so you can watch it offline or slow internet areas. It also has a data saver mode which consumes less data and let’s you watch your content without thinking about your internet bills.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is way cheaper than Netflix, Netflix basic plan cost around 500 Rs. whereas Amazon Prime first month cost around 129 and 999 for a year. So for Indian consumers its a great deal.

Amazon Prime Video is a bundled service, you get free unlimited prime music on your local language, free/fast delivery on eligible items on Amazon, access to exclusive deals and many other Prime benefits.

Prime Video does not cost you for watching your content on HD, Ultra HD, FHD, etc. whereas Netflix costs you to watch your content in high resolution.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the platforms. I would suggest you to try both of these platforms to find out what works best for you. Both of these platforms won’t charge you for the first month so it’s great to try out these yourselves.

Hope you enjoyed this article entitled “Amazon prime video vs Netflix : Top 5 reasons why Amazon prime video is better than Netflix”. Please comment about your experience with either of these platforms, I would love to know your opinions about it.

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