What is an IMEI number ?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), which is a 15 digit globally unique number assigned to each cellular device or terrestrial cellular network. A terrestrial cellular network is those network using which users are able to make a call or connect to a network (Internet).

What is the need of IMEI number?

GSM (Global System for Mobile) uses IMEI number to identify valid devices and also to block and unblock stolen devices. As the name suggests it identify mobile devices and it’s another principle is to prevent theft. Every phone has a unique IMEI number irrespective of model and brand. However, if a phone has dual sim slot then that phone has two IMEI numbers one for each sim slot.

IMEI number is hardcoded in the device and it’s nearly impossible to change the IMEI code without damaging the device. Which makes it super safe and unique. It is illegal to change or mess with your IMEI number visit here to know more.

How can I get my IMEI number

Source : IMEI.INFO

There are numerous ways in with user can get their IMEI number. The easiest and fastest way is to type *#06# on your dial-pad, then it will immediately pop up a screen on which IMEI number or numbers (If you have dual sim slot) are written. The good thing about this method is it works for both Android and iOS users. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to copy or select the IMEI number.

Source: IMEI>.INFO

The alternate method is to follow this directory to get your IMEI number on Android devices.

Go to your phone settings and navigate to about phone and then status. After that tap on IMEI information.

Andoid imei
Source: Maketecheasier

Usually, IMEI numbers are printed on the battery cavity in most of the devices. Also in many devices, IMEI numbers are printed on the back of Phone as shown in the image below.

Battery Imei
Source: todaunavida.es

What is Valid IMEI number?

How to know whether your IMEI number is valid or not. For that, there are two ways either manually solving using Luhn formula or check online.

Firstly, the manual way by which the user can check the validity of IMEI number is by following Luhn Formula for verification of the code. For instance example used in the image.

Luhn Method
Source: Wikipedia

Secondly, the other way is to visit an online IMEI checker. This will give complete detail of your device by which you can cross check whether it is the same device which you are using.

Source: Maketecheasier

Important note

Above all, it is very important not to share your IMEI number to anyone. Also, there are certain ways by which you can change your IMEI number which is available on many sites, but it is illegal and shouldn’t be followed.

Always verify IMEI number from here to before buying any phone. To verify whether that device is block or reported stolen.

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