Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e Launched

“Next Generation Smartphone”

10 Years! Yes, S10 look magnificent, of the future, was just launched today in Samsung Unpacked 2019. A range of Products from Samsung ecosystem was launched in this event along with the most awaited but not expected today Samsung Galaxy Fold, the world’s first truly foldable device.

Let us see S10 and brothers, in detail.

Samsung launched four variants of its Samsung Galaxy Lineup namely S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G.

Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has implemented the world’s first Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning technology, which works in any condition, unlike the optical scanning system. Samsung claims its new security technology as Vault like security.

Back Camera

I will be not exaggerating if I say smartphones have transformed and redefined the definition of photography. In the previous version of Galaxy, Samsung for the first time introduced a variable aperture camera. With three cameras at the back, this year Samsung came out with many new innovations in the field of the camera.

In S10, Samsung came up with an Ultra-wide lens with 123 degrees of view. And yes it also takes ultra-wide panorama too.

Samsung’s Pro-grade camera is not only an AI Powered camera, but is also powered with Neuroprocessing. It provides composition tips as you shoot. Machine learning technology is also used to study the millions of images to advice the best.

Samsung Galaxy S10 also enables optimizing color in real time videography. It also enables first ever in the world HDR10+ Video recording.

Samsung also claims super steady videos.

For easy editing straight from your phone, Samsung patnered with Adobe to develop Adobe Premier Rush only for S10 users.

Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10+ uses two cameras on the front. It uses Dual pixel technology for UHD video support.

Yes we are Instagramers. Samsung understood this and added a Instragram mode in its original camera for direct post or stories updates.


Samsung Galaxy S10 will be top player with 12 GB (really!!) of ram. Storage of upto 1 TB with expandable option. It is claimed to have faster CPU and GPU speeds.

For better gaming experience, Samsung has patnered with Unity for the design of Adaptive Performance Technology.


Samsung claims its battery in S10 as Intellegent and Powerful and claims all day long battery life. Its battery charges 36 percent faster than previous models.

A new feature came out in this year in the battery section, is wireless charging of its peripheral devices from your S10 device. It means you can share your phone charge wirelessly to any other similar device or pods or watches.

Conclusion And Pricing

Samsung also introduced intelligent Wi-Fi which automatically differentiates between secure and unsecured networks. Also, S10 will be using Wi-Fi 6, first in any mobile device.

Samsung will launch Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G on 8 March 2019 in the market with the initial price tags of 749, 899 and 999 dollars respectively.

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