Khufra – Mobile Legends New Hero

We have a new hero released recently named Khufra on the advanced server! Khufra is a tank with superb CC and disables. He has abilities cool enough to be compared with ultimate abilities of other heroes.

This hero will be the definition of meta when officially released on original server. He is either going to be definite pick or definite ban in ranked games. He has a base HP of 2709 which is pretty low for a tank but it is more than compensated by his skills mentioned below:-

Tyrant’s Revenge

Khufra launches himself like a missile in the designated direction by pulling his bandages in the opposite direction. Any enemy encountered during the launch receives physical damage followed by a knock up. The knock up affects all heroes in the range of Khufra landing.

Skill type : CC, Blink

Bouncing Ball

Khufra turns into a bouncing ball increasing both physical and magical defence by 75%. Trying to use blink or dash skill around him results in a knock up. Enemies are slowed considerably when Khufra touches the ground while bouncing dealing magic damage. This ability is great to counter Fanny, Lancelot, Gusion and Harith.

Skill type : AoE, Buff

Tyrant’s Rage

This ability is very much like Martis’ first ability but works in 360 degrees instead of 45. It has a shorter range but enemies caught in it are brought together in front dealing 300 damage with slow effect for 1.25 seconds. Unfortunate enemies that come in contact with a wall receive 150% damage with a stun.

Passive : Spell Curse

A ring surrounds Khufra increasing his next basic attack range every 12 seconds. Crowd controlling enemy can lower the CD. Enemy is slowed down healing Khufra by 8% of his max health.


  1. Khufra is very mobile and durable
  2. Very effective skills in a teamfight
  3. Ranged abilities
  4. Counter to heroes such as Gusion, Lance
  5. Super fun to play


  1. Low base HP compared to other tanks
  2. Very high skill CD
  3. More aggressive than protective

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