Samsung Galaxy Fold Unveiled, 21 Feb 2019

“Do what you can’t “

Truly Samsung did today what people say just a tagline. On 21 Feb 2019, today  D. J. Koh unveiled a range of product in Samsung unpacked 2019. The major attraction was the most awaited, more than 7 years in making, foldable phone. Yeah!!!!!! Samsung unveiled the Samsung galaxy Fold.

This device was anticipated by the experts from more than a year due to a patient leak of the foldable phone from Samsung. But none expected it to be so good (I must say good raised to power 10). A basic foldable device was expected, but Samsung showed us all that “ Creating the future” does not mean basic.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was unveiled today, was the most anticipated. Will be available to buy from 26 April 2019

So, let us see this device a bit in detail.


Really a new dimension to our phones is given today in a really premium package. When folded, it carries a 4.6-inch display and is more compact and handy to use. When unfolded, it reveals a large 7.3-inch infinity flex display, a display as large as a tablet. Samsung is giving YouTube Premium for its galaxy users.

To enable the folds, every element of the phone was redesigned. Samsung invented a sophisticated hinge system that allows the phone to open and close smoothly and naturally. It has multiple interlocking gears mechanism for a seamless and elegant look.

The device uses App Continuity to switch between two screens without losing a bit. All the apps are optimized for Samsung galaxy fold with the help of Google and App Development community.

The device comes with worlds first ever in any mobile device, 3 App Multitasking.


For this device to function smoothly, it is geared with superpowers. State of the art 7-nanometer Processor with 12 GB (really!!!!) of RAM. So, Samsung Galaxy Fold is more powerful than any other mobile phone present in the market today. With an onboard memory of 512 GB and capability of Universal Flash Storage, it is said to read data the fastest.


Samsung Galaxy Fold will sport two batteries, one each for your two children (haha.. just joking). The two batteries will be on each side of the phone. The device will combine power from each battery to a single 4380mAh power source


Samsung Galaxy will be available in four different colors. These are :

  1. Cosmos Black
  2. Space Silver
  3. Martian Green
  4. Astral Blue


Samsung says it a camera for any angle. Yeah, surely they mean it too. The phone carries a system of six cameras three on the back, two on inside and one on the front.

Conclusion and pricing

Samsung launched its tenth anniversary special Samsung Galaxy Fold which will support LTE and 5G in two different versions. Its pricing starts from eye-watering 1980 dollar price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available in market to consumers from 26 April, 2019.

So today Samsung started a new era of phones with really high standards with a price around 2000 dollars. What will be its uses? What will be the customer response? So many questions, but don’t halt your questions here. Let us know your precious response in the comment section below and let the time show us the future.

To see more what happened in Samsung Unpacked 2019, see this video.

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