Panacast by Jabra: Intelligent 180° 4K Video conferencing Solution

Jabra on 22nd august 2019 announced the launch of its first product in the line of video solution. GN Audio, parent company of Jabra, is a world leader in audio and communication solution acquired Altia Systems, a startup that makes video conferencing device and software called Panacast, in February this year. This acquisition is afoot in the world of intelligent audio and video solution aiming to improve its quality.


Jabra is a leader in audio solution with its range of products in corporate as well as consumer sector. this is the first time Jabra is in market with a device for video solution .

With this product, Jabra wish to solve huddle room problems with plug and play device Panacast. Ordinary video conferencing cameras have a field of view of 120-degree, so to cover more people in the frame, it need to be placed at a good height making stress full to continuously look into the camera.

Jabra Panacast

Jabra Panacast is loaded with 3 13-megapixel cameras covering 180. It is mounted at the height of our eye, giving comfortable posture to your head. The video captured by Panacast is then processed to optimize the video experience under varying lighting lighting conditions. Since the video is captured by 3 cameras simultaneously, it is then stitched in real-time to make a single 4K video. The processing of video data by Panacast is real-time so that no actual visible video lag is seen.

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Jabra panacast comes with 2 inbuilt microphones for all round coverage but Jabra recommends to use its conference speakerphone series “speak” to cover a large meeting rooms and surround sound coverage.

Panacast is not just a videoconferencing device but it is a video solution device. What this mean is that it holds much more features to amuse us.

Intellegent Resource Management

With in mind smart building capabilities, Jabra Panacast built in people detection technology enabled by Artificial intelligence provides the possibility of system wide business intelligence by capturing accurate uses and occupancy information. The advance AI utilities CNN (convolutional nural network) to count number of people which enables organisations to make inform decisions on calendar management, room utilization and resource management and also to automate power management.

Wall-to-wall coverage

Jabra Panacast eliminates the room space wastage by 40 percentage with ability to capture wall-to-wall. This ensures the meeting room space is used efficiently.

Only plug and play: amazing

What makes this devices extremely easy to use is its ability to play by just plugging it to USB-C port. You do not need to install any other software to your system since it is compatible with popular cloud-based solutions including Microsoft teams, Skype, Google hangouts, Slack, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Unify Circuit and BlueJeans.

Jabra Panacast panoramic view
180-degree coverage

Intelligent Zoom

this feature of the Panacast adjust the zoom automatically to capture the varying number of person. This means that if two people are in the room participating in the conference call and in between somebody else join the two, then the camera will automatically adjust the zoom to capture everyone in the room, so that people can focus on their meeting and discussion.


Personally speaking, this feature is exactly tailored to my specification. My work and meetings constantly need use of whiteboard. With the latest firmware upgrade this feature will be incorporated in Panacast.

Panacast automatically detects whiteboard in the room and show it in a new window as a true whiteboard in the video conferencing.

Pricing and Avalibility

Jabra Panacast will cost you USD 895 and will be available at Jabra authorized re-sellers from Sept 2019.

You can also buy Altia Panacast on Amazon from here.

Specifications of Jabra Panacast

Technical Specification of Jabra Panacast

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