Best free games for iPhone in 2019

Are you looking for some of the Best free games for iPhone in 2019 that you can play? We have compiled a list of best free games for iOS devices, these games can be played on iphone as well as iPad. Phones have evolved to more than calling. Many phones are capable of playing games having increased graphics and resolution.

We have compiled a list of games that you should play on your iPhone. Since everybody has a different taste for games, we have made a list of games you would like from adventure, board, fighting, shooting, strategy, racing and many others included in this list. We have also included AR/VR games that you should try at least once. We have compiled this list on the basis of the user reviews, the game ranking in the App Store and many other factors, so these games are actually popular among many other iPhone/iPad owners.

Strategy games

These games require your critical thinking ability and strategic skills. These games are popular because it engages players thought process, it improves creative ability.

Kingdom Rush

kingdom rush Best free games for iPhone in 2019

Kingdom Rush is a tower/castle defense game. It is one of the most popular and challenging games available on the App Store. In this title, the enemies orcs, trolls, monsters attack your castle. It has heroes such as wizards and mages that defend your castle. As the game progresses you can upgrade your towers, heroes, etc. Upgrading will give some cool special abilities. Each enemy/hero is highly detailed and has great animations to it. Can you defend your castle and prove your might as the worthy defender?

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This is the most popular game for iphones out there, it has years of legacy behind it. The game is developed by SuperCell. Developers are constantly trying to improve the game. You can accept to have some major changes in the game which makes it more exciting to play. In this game, you have a clan (group) for attacking other clans. You have unlocked new clan members by upgrading Barracks. If you successfully attack a base you will get hefty rewards. This is one of the games I personally played and liked. This game has a time-based system, you will have to wait for some time before another attack. You can also create a clan and contribute troops to other clan members, you can also have clan matches with other clans that lasts for 24 hrs. Clan wars are the best part of the game that I liked.

SuperCell also has animated there characters and presented it in the form of cartoons to entertain players along the way, go check them out here.

Clash Royale

clash royale Best free games for iPhone in 2019

Another game from SuperCell is Clash Royale. This a card-based strategic game. You have different cards with different characters on it, each has special abilities. The user can select a specific number of cards to play in the game. Going through the game you may collect a number of different cards, It’s up to the player which type of cards he likes to play with, and what sort of strategy he comes up with. There are already many card combinations which have become popular. You have to destroy three castles, the middle one being the King’s castle, the other two on either side of the king are the Queens.

SuperCell also has animated there characters and presented it in the form of cartoons to entertain players along the way, go check them out here.

Plague Inc.

Plague inc Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This game is developed and published by UK based independent studio Ndemic Creations. It is a real-time strategy game, In this game, you have to spread the epidemic all over the world. the player has to evolve and develop a pathogen in order to end the world with this pathogen. This game also has a counterpart called Rebel Inc. in which we have to stop the spread of the pathogen and save the world from it.

Civilization VI

Civilization6 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This game is developed by Firaxis Games. It is a turn-based strategy game, the objective of the player is to develop a civilization from scratch, from its early settlement to the future. The player does this by exploring the world finding new resources, technologies attacking other civilizations, defending own civilization, trading with other world leaders, inculcating culture.

Adventure games

Now we will look for adventure games for iphones. These games take you on an adventure around the mysterious world. Player has to explore many things in its surroundings trying to find his way to go ahead in the game. These games has something new with them with every level that you clear.

Broken Age

Broken_Age Best free games for iPhone in 2019

It is a point and clicks adventure game developed by Double Fine Productions. The characters in the game are hand-animated, it is a puzzle-filled game. It consists of character trying to solve the puzzle by roaming around, finding things to solve the puzzle. It’s a family-friendly game. It has a wonderful storyline and a lot of good puzzles that really demand to use your brain.

Device 6

DEVICE_6 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This game is developed by Swedish game developer Simogo. It is a text-based adventure game, it uses texts, images, and sounds to guide the player to solve the puzzle. The set of puzzles have to be solved to help Protagonist Anna escape the island.

Alto’s Adventure

It is an endless runner video game developed by Snowman. There are varying landscapes in which the character moves, you have to direct the character and prevent him from falling off the snowboard. the character performs snowboarding stunts which will give you more points. You have to collect stars on the way. The game has many scenic views one can enjoy. this is one of my personal favorite adventure game from this lot.

The Room Three

This game has stunning visuals kinda 3-D, has the chilling atmosphere, mind-bending puzzles while making masterful enhancements. It has a better than ever hint system which ensures that finding solutions super rewarding. It has a mix of fun, horror, suspense to the brim. Bet me you will want to play more of it when it ends.

Leo’s Fortune

leos-fortune Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This is also one of the games I loved the most. It has stunning graphics, great sound quality, thrilling storyline. The player has to move around the character to advance in the game, the controls are also simple. the storyline is engaging. there are traps and puzzles that you need to solve to advance in the game. The puzzles are easy to solve but the traps will send you to bite off your nails, hairs. The Protagonist (A green ball) has to collect coins along the way which. It has many different locations such as forests, deserts, mines and many more. definitely give it a go.

Racing games

Racing games need no introduction, the player has to own a vehicle and drive through the finish line first, there may or may not be other competitors depending on the nature of the race and game you are playing. It’s favorite among speed lovers.

Asphalt 8 and 9

asphalt-8 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

We have Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9, two different games from the same creators. Asphalt 9 is next upgrade over Asphalt 8. This is one the most popular racing game out there. You have to buy vehicles and have to race with other competitors, You can play in single mode and even in multiplayer mode. There are monthly challenges to go through that will give you the best possible rewards.

There are many different modes also available. You can choose from different classes of cars from each specializing in a specific type of race. the Asphalt 8 version has got an update for bike mode also, so you can also ride your bike pretty cool eh? Asphalt 8 has many different locations and many different places to do cool tricks to earn rewards and increase nitro tank. Asphalt 9 is recently released and is pretty OK in my opinion.

Real Racing 3

real-racing-3 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

Physics does not apply to most of the games nowadays, but this racing game has given hope to physics. It’s Real Racing. As the name suggests the racing is real, you can drive a car from the seat (first person) or from outside (third-person) depending on the camera angle. You have to control every brake, every thrust, every gear change through hands. This makes the game more demanding. Don’t dare to wreck your car in the middle of a race it will have an effect on the performance of the car and you may have to spend time repairing it. There are many different modes available from circuit, sprint, drag race, etc. The graphics are also great you will get the feel of actually driving a real race car. This game also has single-player as well as multiplayer mode.

Need for Speed

need-for-speed Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This game title is most famous among PC players and hardcore gamers. There are many versions of the game in the App Store Need for Speed Most Wanted is the best among NFS No Limits and NFS Payback. This game has good graphics, immersive sounds, and good control choices to give you an immersive feeling of the game. There are many races available a player can choose from. It is an open-world racing game unlike other racing games in this list. To become the most wanted the player will have to outrun the cops, be better than rivals and friends. As you have guessed it can be played in single as well as multiplayer mode.

Traffic Rider/ Racer

traffic-rider Best free games for iPhone in 2019

In the Traffic Rider you play with a bike and in Traffic Racer you play with a car or any other four-wheeled vehicle. The game concept is pretty nice, you have to go through the traffic in a given time. It has many game modes to choose from such as endless runner, time attack, etc. It also has varying locations and weather conditions to give an immersive feel of the game. The graphics are also neat. You can also upgrade your vehicle or buy another vehicle and go for a ride. You may not be racing others but it’s still a race to finish line.

CSR Racing


This is a drag racing game. It has got good graphics. the game is redefining what could have been played on a phone. One of the users says “so real that it hurts”. It is a masterpiece among drag racers. Its latest game is CSR Racing 2.

Shooting games

Are you a gun lover? then this is the perfect game category for you there are multiple guns you can use to play. there may be zombies, attackers which are your targets. These games are quite engaging because, there are chances you may die, and have to restart the game/level from start. It’s also the most thrilling game category.

This is the most popular segment among game lovers and that’s what makes this segment more competitive than ever. This list took the most time to compile hope you like our “Best free games for iPhone in 2019” compilation, I would be updating the list more often so do check out the list.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

modern-combat-5 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This game is a tank with its ever great storyline, great graphics immersive sound effects. This is the fifth iteration over the Modern Combat edition. The other four are paid versions you can check them out. This game has good controls, stunning game-play, tons of action and more weapons you will ever need. It’s a first-person shooter game. It also supports multiplayer mode, you can create your own “kill squad” and gather ranks and prizes that come with it. I really enjoyed this game, one of my personal favorite. It’s like playing Call Of Duty on your mobile phone or tablet. this is a must-play for shooting game lovers.

Dead Trigger 2

dead-trigger-2 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This a Zombie killing game, most shooting games want you to kill Zombies or aliens. This is the best Zombie killing game you can play. It has got great graphics, ever simple controls, great story-line and most important all sorts of weapons to kill zombies. This game is the second installment over the Dead Trigger. This is an offline game but you need an internet connection to download missions which are added to the main story-line through updates, there is also a multiplayer mode that you can play if you want to go for a kill with your friends.

Overkill 3

overkill-3 Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This is also a zombie shooter game. There is a zombie outbreak and you need to save as many people as possible and of-course kill zombies to achieve that. This is a third-person shooter game you can convert it to first-person by going in settings. With each coming level, the scenario will change one moment you will be battling with guns and another moment you be on top of an artillery truck and another moment in a chopper dropping bombs to kill zombies.

Hitman Sniper


This is a sniper game. You will have to take down guards and kill the high profile people in this game. The game has good graphics, great killing strategies, great sound effects, a silent environment just the kind to suit to a Hitman with a sniper. You are agent 47 whose aim is to infiltrate places and takedown threat in a clean, quiet and confident way. the main rule in this game “keep it clean, quiet and simple”. Don’t let enemies know about your presence if so eliminate the target.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Best free games for iPhone in 2019

We can’t end this list without including PUBG. this game has taken the world by storm. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is App Store’s Best of 2018 and 2018 Mobile Game of the Year at Golden Joystick Awards. Developed in Unreal Engine 4. The mobile version is as good as compared to the PC version and does not compromise on anything. It has all different maps and locations, all the weapons, all the player customization features. It has classic 100 player mode, arcade mode, modes for quick and exciting matches. This game is a must-play for multiplayer lovers. They have a popular anti-cheating mechanism to employ fairness in gaming among players.

Sports games

These games are an inspiration from real-world sports. the games that you should be playing outside can now be played on your phone. These sports include Football, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, and many others. We have compiled a list of sports games that we think are the best.

FIFA Mobile


This game title is famous among football lovers. It features an upgraded game-play engine with drastically improved animations, heads to head in real-time impressive graphics, team chemistry and more. Champions League and UEFA is too good to play. The new instant replay is just incredible and feels so much real.

EA Sports UFC

ufc Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This is a Martial Combat fighting game developed by EA. Choose your favorite player and step into the octagon and fight. The graphics are great with intuitive touch controls and an action-packed game-play gives a great feel of the game. This game brings the MMA fights to your fingertips. Win fights, unlock new opponents and bouts, wins coins, upgrade your abilities all while making your legacy in the MMA. One of the reviewers put it as “Hard to put this game away”.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017


This is another football game, my personal favorite. the visuals are great, touch controls are intuitive, shot replays are great to watch feels like real. This game is published by Konami and developed by PES Productions. There are many leagues you can play, there is multiplayer mode as well which lets you play against your friends. You can upgrade your team players performance, their skills, their tactics, their formation. You can also trade with other teams just like players are contracted by teams. Definitely a must-play for football lovers.

Augmented Reality games

This is a new breed of gaming that is becoming popular among game lovers, one simple reason these games can only be played by venturing outside. You cannot play these games in resting mood. There are very few games so far in this category, but we have compiler some of the best games you should definitely be playing.

Pokemon GO

pokemon-go Best free games for iPhone in 2019

You know this is coming, probably the very first game in AR category which took the world by storm. In this game you have to get out of the house and look for Pokemons in and around your place, catching Pokemons is the best part of this game throwing Pokeballs in the right direction and the right time is kind of annoying at first but it becomes second nature after few rounds. There are various rewards you get by going large distances on foot. You can raise your Pokemon by feeding it candies. You can also battle with your best pokemon by at the gym where already many other pokemons will be available for the battle. Definitely check this game if you are a Pokemon lover.



The plot of the game is well structured, there is something called Exotic Matter (XM) which was discovered, the kind of technologies we can build with this matter is inconceivable. This XM leads to the world divided into two factions one using the technology for good and other using the technology (The Enlightenment) or the other group who tries to protect humanity from a hostile takeover of the mind (The Resistance). The game also wants you to get outside the house and see the outer world and enjoy playing this game, visiting places, exploring cultural places, monuments, landmarks to collect valuable resources.

Jurassic World Alive

jurassic-world-alive Best free games for iPhone in 2019
Jurassic-world-alive Best free games for iPhone in 2019

This game is centered around Dinosaurs. In this game, you need to explore your surrounding area and find different types of dinosaurs, different breeds which are more terrifying than ever before. You can also collect dinosaur DNA and can breed different types of dinosaurs. Play matches with your friends to earn rewards. One of the reviewers put “This game is addicting and exciting to play”.

So finally we have concluded our list of “Best free games for iPhone in 2019” to play. This list is made with a thorough analysis of the games in the App Store, their rankings and their popularity.

Do share it with your gaming friends and let them know the best games they should be playing on their iPhone.

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