F-Protekk & Thro Fire Safety Products Launched In India

Pune based start-up Deccaleap Technologies has launched the industry’s first of its kind fire safety products. The innovative fire safety products are named Thro and F-Protekkt.

Thro and F-Protekkt Launched

These products are developed in such a way that it can instantly douse fire and help in controlling a situation which could otherwise lead to disaster.

What is F-Protekkt?

F‑Protekkt is an automatic fire extinguisher for vehicle engines. Engines are run on internal combustion which means they run on the concept of lighting fire to the fuel. As long as this fire is contained within the engine it is well and good.


The problem arises when the fire gets a chance to leak out of the engine. F‑Protekkt detects the fire and extinguishes it by releasing the gas contained within it. This ends up saving the vehicle but more importantly, lives.

F-Protekkt is fitted under the bonnet-hood of a car to thwart engine-fire accidents. The products are safe, harmless to humans, easy to use especially in cars and homes/offices to control fire.

When a vehicle engine catches fire, the people within the vehicle panic. This panic leads to negative action or inaction from people that could potentially lead to loss of life. To solve this very problem F‑Protekkt was created.

Being an automatic fire extinguisher F‑Protekkt detects the fire and immediately springs into action to stop it. Thus, dousing the fire at the source and saving lives.

How it F-Protekkt works?


What is the Price of F-Protekkt?

F-Protekkt is priced at INR 10,500 (inclusive of taxes) in India.

Thro – Throw Fire Extinguisher

‘Thro’ is an aesthetically designed, paperweight or vase-shaped product which can be kept at residences, offices, hotels etc.


The Thro is very user-friendly and easy to store. To stop the fire from spreading, one has to simply throw the product ‘Thro’ on the fire to douse it completely. The non- toxic chemicals used in this product cuts off the oxygen supply and stops fire from spreading any further.

What is the Price of Thro?

The pack of 4 Thro products will be available at INR 1770 (inclusive of taxes) in India.

The products were unveiled on 6th September 2019 the hands of renowned Bollywood Actor and company’s brand ambassador Suniel Shetty in a press conference. Rajiv Mitra, MD, Deccaleap Technologies and Anirban Sarkar, Group Chairman were also present at the event.


Currently, these products are available in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Vadodara, Rajkot, Delhi, Raipur, Ranchi, and Patna. And you will be able to buy them on e-commerce websites like Amazon.in soon.

Final Thoughts

I think that these products are innovative and can be very helpful in preventing damage caused by accidental fires and car accidents.

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