Asus Zenbook 2019 UX434 Review!

When it comes to technology be it a laptop, desktop or mobile phone or any other peripheral Asus just tries for innovation one such innovative product is the Asus Zenbook ux434.

The Asus Zenbook ux434 is a top-end powerful and portable it has an innovative dual-screen display


The Zenbook ux434  is a well-built laptop this laptop can be operated under extreme weather and it is resistant to drop shock and vibration this sturdy laptop also looks good, the circular pattern on the top gives it a stylish look

when you open the lid the laptop base lifts to an angle of three degrees which increases the airflow and helps you use the laptop for a prolonged period without overheating

UX 434 is available in two color variants the royal blue and the silver

The laptop weighs just around 1.26 kg and it is smaller than a4 size paper

it has an audio jack USB 2.0 type c port and a micro SD card slot on one side on the other side you would find a DC input HDMI port USB 3.1 port and a USB type-c port


When opening up the lid, it does not have a lot of flex it feels really sturdy. The display has about 95 percent of the screen to body ratio thanks to the thin bezels.

You get a full-screen experience on this laptop though the bezels are thin Asus has managed to cramp in a webcam and also an IR sensor for face unlocking

This LCD display is available in two variants 14 inches and 15 inches. The quality is really good it is a bright and vivid display and the viewing angles are also


It has bottom-firing stereo sound dual amplifier speakers which are tuned by Harman Kardon. The quality of the sound from the speaker is good for a laptop of this size I would say the sound is really loud.


The chiclet-style keyboard is backlit the keys are well spaced out from each other and it has a good striking field when you actually type on this keyboard it is soft and there is no sound when typing on it there is no dedicated number and also the arrow keys are really small.

Screenpad 2.0

Now let’s talk about the screen pad

Last year Asus introduced this screen pad for the first time and now they have updated their technology and they calling it the screen pad 2.0

Normally, in the place where you get the trackpad you get a five-point six five-inch full asleep less resolution display, the screen pad has a few applications and you can also configure it to have a few

application shortcuts not just I can’t you can drag and drop an entire application window inside the screen pad. With the tap of three fingers, you can activate the screen pad and you can interact with it tapping with three fingers again makes it a trackpad.

While using it as a trackpad I found this to be very accurate and convenient using it as a screen pad I found it to be a really useful feature you can use it as a secondary display wherein you can play a YouTube video or have controls for a Spotify application or even you can drag the entire toolbar from Photoshop or Microsoft and place it inside the screen pad this is a very innovative and useful feature

I find the screen pad 2.0 to be more useful compared to the infamous touch bar on the Apple MacBook Pro


The laptop comes with two variants Intel Core i7 or the Intel Core i5. DDR4 Ram is available up to 16gb in the i5 variant which I have you could have MX 250 for the graphics card the top-end variant

Laptop also has up to 1tb of SSD in the PCIe slot. The performance of this laptop is best suited for documentation or office purpose a little bit of photo or even video editing and for basic gaming

To charge this battery you get a 65-watt fast charger. In my usage I find this laptop battery to last for 4 to 6 hours easily. But the battery drains faster if you use the secondary display

Zenbook 2019, which is portable and also has good performance. I find the screen pad 2.0 to be a great innovation and it will definitely add and enhance your user experience when using this laptop

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