Mobile Legends Fighter Guide 2019

Not everyone can play the most offensive class of the game!
This is the strongest class in Mobile Legends.
No other roles can 1vs1 a fighter. A fighter is walking machine of continuous melee damage with good sustain to walk out of a gank alive.
You need a strong will to play a fighter and if you are a chicken… better play a mage or support.

If you are new to playing fighters or switch hero, this guide is for you

There are always 3 things one should focus on:
1) Positioning
2) Map Awareness
3) Items


Being the most offensive, you do not want to jump in every time you see an enemy. Always wait for the right moment!
Try not to initiate a fight. Wait for your assassin to take out enemy marksman first or tank to absorb a few stuns and CC that is if the enemy has any.
A marksman can devastate you in a gank if targeted last in late game. Show yourself at the right time… no point in jumping in early or late.

Correct timing and positioning can fetch you a SAVAGE!

Map Awareness

tick to a lane (top or bottom) early game and farm. Try not to roam much, that is the job of assassin. Request backup to secure kills early game.
Continue until mid game till you have decent items and damage.


Fighter with a wrong build is not a fighter at all. Not all fighters go for life steal (basic attack damage), many depend on spell vamp (hp gain from damaging with skills).
Choose the right build according to the hero. For example :-
Alpha, Bane, Martis, Leomord mostly rely on skill damage so it is a must to go for BloodLust Axe for spell vamp.

Blood Lust Axe for spell vamp

Alucard, Zilong, Roger, Sun rely on Basic attack damage so Haas claw or Endless Battle are the right items.
Fighters with skill damage do not need attack speed items such as Wind Talker or Scarlet Phantom.

Haas Claw for life steal
Endless Battle for life steal

Semi Tank Fighters

Some fighters have amazing sustainability and therefore can be used as semi tanks.
These fighters come with great Crowd Control as well and are perfectly able to initiate like a tank.
Alpha, Ruby, Chou, Hilda, Leomord are great examples.

Alpha with semi tank build ready to charge

Crowd Control Specialists

Martis and Ruby are the Crowd Control gods of Mobile Legends. They can carry and dance with enemy heroes all together without breaking a sweat.
Chou is another example if you want to pin point an enemy out of the back lines. He can be really annoying.

Ruby’s all skills are CC

Martis dancing with the crowd!

Fighters Without Crowd Control

This category heroes are highly volatile but the con is compensated with huge amount of damage!
Alucard, Roger, Zilong, Thamuz, Argus, Sun, Freya are the most aggressive fighters which can definitely bitch slap enemies solo.
They lack CC but if they themselves aren’t CCed or stunned, get ready for a wipe-out! Also the big man Aldous, the One Punch Man of MLBB.

Insane damage by Aldous!

Fighter Facts :

  • Ruby is the only fighter hero that doesn’t have any life steal on basic attacks. The life steal is done by her skills instead.
  • Make Aldous more tanky as he doesn’t need damage items. His stacks make his punches stronger than any sort of damage in the game.
  • Martis’ mortal coil (2nd ability) has the highest priority in crowd control. Even Nana’s Molina doesn’t affect him during the coil!
  • Alucard gains 100% life steal with his ultimate.
  • Chou is the best counter to any hero.
  • Aldous, Ruby and Leomord have the highest win rates this season in fighter class!
  • Natalia can be made visible in Roger’s howl.
  • Zilong is better played as assassin than fighter.

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