Telegram Vs WhatsApp:10 Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than WhatsApp

Today Telegram has more than 200 million monthly active users and it is increasing day by day. On the other hand Facebook who own WhatsApp was just caught red-handed for misusing it user’s information.

Many users around the the globe started deleting their Facebook accounts because of this data breach and concerns about their privacy.

In this article I am going to share 10 Reasons to start using Telegram more and minimize your WhatsApp usage today.

1.Cloud based messaging

Telegram is cloud based

The best part about Telegram is that is cloud based, that means the messages sent and received are not stored on your phone rather it is stored in the cloud which is managed by Telegram.

The main advantage that we get from this is that we don’t need to keep backups for the messages, unlike WhatsApp. If you switch to a different phone or device then we just need to login into our account and then we can see all the messages.

2.Send high quality images and videos

Telegram Vs WhatsApp sharing photos

One thing that I particularly don’t like about WhatsApp is that there is no option for sharing high-quality images without compression and we end up using other methods like google drive for sharing original quality images with our friends and family.

This could be a bit cumbersome for some people and also the maximum sending limit of WhatsApp is 16MB which is pretty less than what Telegram offers you.

Using Telegram you can send images, videos and other files in their original quality without any compression. And the maximum sending limit is 1.5GB which is more than enough for most of the people.

3.Stream videos and audio

Stream content on telegram

Yes, it is true you can start viewing videos and listening to audios even before downloading it which is a cool feature that I think every messenger should provide.

When someone sends you a video or audio the are two options to choose. You can download it or play it. When you click on the play button it starts playing the video immediately while downloading it in the background.

4.Draft messages

If you start writing a message and didn’t finish writing it then Telegram will save your message as a draft and the best part about it is that you can continue writing your message on any other device thanks to Telegram’s
seamless sync between the different array of devices that it supports.

5.Don’t need to share your number

On WhatsApp, if you have to chat with someone then you need to share your phone number with that person.

But it is not the case with Telegram you can send or receive messages from anyone without revealing your phone number with the help of a username.

You can simply send a message to a person by knowing his or her username only which comes in handy if you don’t want to share you personal phone number with some stranger.

6.Multiple accounts

Telegram Vs WhatsApp accounts

A lot of people use two WhatsApp App in their phone using the parallel app feature provide by most of the new phones nowadays.

With Telegram, you don’t need to install two Telegram apps on your phone. Telegram allows multiple accounts in a single app for different phone numbers.

In this way, you can easily separate your personal and business messages without much hassle.

7.Unsend messages

Yes, this feature is also available in WhatsApp but the is a time limit. Within that time you have to delete the message. And even after deleting the message it shows there that the message was deleted.

Telegram allow you to unsend a message any time you want and the other person will never know that a message was sent.

8.Larger Group Size

Telegram Vs WhatsApp group size limit

WhatsApp initially allows only 256 members in a group which it plans to increase in future.

On the other hand, Telegram allows 100K members in a group. You can also create channels and broadcast your messages to your subscribers which is very popular in Telegram.

9.No Ad and Free Forever

Telegram Vs WhatsApp ads

Yes indeed WhatsApp is also free but the this is that your data is not very secure it and as they say data is the new oil.

One the official site of Telegram it is clearly mentioned that the app does not contain any ads and the service is completely free and will be forever.

Here, the question must be asked is that how Telegram earns money?

The answer this is by donations. Pavel Durov donated a huge amount to the company which helps them to run their operations and in future, if there is a need then Telegram will introduce a non-essential paid service that will support the infrastructure and salaries.

They also state that making profit will never be their end goal.

10.More Privacy

If privacy is your concern then Telegram is the best messaging app for you.

Telegram privacy

Telegram channels, chats, groups, and supergroups are private amongst their members. They use end-to-end encryption in secret chat, so they don’t have to disclose any data.

To know more about it visit


Telegram lacks some of the features like video calling and more but it will soon be added to it. The major reason why many of us don’t use it because all of our friends and family are using WhatsApp.

I suggest you to try Telegram at least for once. Dwnload it from here.

I encourage you to share the article with your friends on your social media profiles and let people know about this wonderful platform called Telegram.

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