How to hard reset iPhone

Hard resetting an iPhone means deleting all the contents of the phone and reset all the setting to the default factory settings. You may have to do this if there is some bug in your phone or may be you are buying a new phone and you are exchanging your old iPhone with the new device. maybe you are just discarding he iPhone, and you don’t want it to have your personal data in it, or maybe you want to lend your device to somebody else. Hard resetting the iPhone may solve the problem.

Note – before performing any of the methods make sure the device is charged, so it won’t die on you during the procedure.

How to do a simple restart of the iPhone.

Simply restarting the iPhone means doing a quick reboot so the OS can reload again onto RAM, quick restarting or rebooting solves most of the problems. It closes the background running apps, forces the apps to reload to stop unnecessary usage of memory. It can also help with some bugs fixes that’s any device reboots after installing the updates, iPhone is not an exception here. to simply restart the device do the following.

1.) hold on to the sleep/wake button and the volume up button simultaneously.

steps to hard reset iPhone
steps to hard reset iPhone

2.) when the Apple logo appears on the screen, let go off from the buttons. In some new devices a slider will appear you will have to swipe it from left to right to complete the process.

A person's hand resetting the iPhone
A person showing how to hard reset the iPhone

3.) your phone will automatically restart and you will meet your home screen after the process is complete.

How to do hard restart your iPhone.

Hard restart will delete all the contents of the phone, you will probably loose it if not backed up to iCloud. hard resetting will reset all the settings to default settings. Your face-id will also be deleted, and you cannot back it up in google drive for security reasons. There are two ways to do that. We will discuss both the ways of hard resetting the device.

Hard reset / factory reset / hard restart directly from the iPhone.

1.) go to settings

2.) tap on general, present at the end of the settings list.

3.) scroll down to the bottom and you will see an option called “Reset”. In newer versions of iPhone you may get option of “Reset all settings” and “Erase all Content and Settings” as shown below. Tap on “Erase all Content and Settings“. It will automatically delete all contents and start resetting.

iPhone settings options to reset settings or delete all content and settings
iPhone settings options to reset settings or delete all content and settings

4.) tap of the “Reset” and then “Erase iPhone” , it will probably start backing up the device content, once the data is backed up, it will restart automatically.

procedure to hard reset the iPhone
follow the following procedure to hard reset the iPhone

5.) device will restart. It will go back to the original factory settings, the way it was before you unboxed it.

All the app updates, app data, photos, videos, settings, face-id/touch-id will be deleted. If your phone has a major upgrade, such as it updated from iOS 10 to iOS 11, then it will not downgrade to older versions, the iOS version will remain intact.

Hard reset / factory reset / hard restart from iTunes.

For this you need a Mac or PC, make sure that the iTunes app is updated and the phone is charged. Following are the procedure to Hard reset the iPhone.

1.) Connect your device to a Mac or PC via the cable provided in the box.

2.) It may ask for permission to trust to the device you are connecting to, just add your passcode.

3.) select iPhone, iPod, iPad when it appears on the iTunes.

iTunes settings bar
iTunes settings bar

4.) you will get an option panel to your left, click on summary.

5.) you will see two options “check for updates“, “restore iPhone” under the iOS version.

summary option in iTunes settings
Summary option in iTunes settings

6.) Tap on “restore iPhone” button. A pop up will appear for your confirmation, tap on “restore” to confirm.

confirmation for hard reset the iPhone
confirmation for hard reset the iPhone

7.) Your device will start the “Hard restart” procedure, it will take some time for the process to complete. After that you can start setting it up as it was new.

In this post we talked about restarting your device to hard reset / hard restart / factory reset your device, and the different aspects of which which one would be preferable to you.

Do a simple restart on device if you are going to keep the device, if there are some bugs, if your phone lags, if your device heats up after some time of usage, or may be just to free up the memory.

You can go for hard reset if you are giving up on the device, if you are exchanging the device, if your are lending your device to someone, if you have messed up badly with the device.

Hope you find this article on “How to hard reset iPhone” helpful and you also enjoyed resetting your iPhone and going through all the set up process, as when the phone was new.

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