Faramis Guide Mobile Legends 2019

Moonton has come up with another hero currently named Faramis. Yes ‘currently’ because Moonton sure likes to change hero names.
I have been experimenting with Faramis for quite a while now and absolutely love him.
I will be covering this guide in 3 phases: Basics, Abilities and Tactics to play Faramis.


For starters, Faramis plays the role of Mage as well as Support.
He specialises in initiating and crowd control. It’s cool how more mages are now able to initiate.

Here is Faramis’ chart which nobody bothers about.

Stat Chart

Our new hero starts out with the following Base Statistics :

Let’s analyse his Passive and Abilities

Passive : His passive is called Vicious Retrieval
There is soul left behind like this left behind by hero and non hero units that die nearby
Faramis which can be collected to gain some amount of HP. Also collecting a soul automatically
shoots out an energy gush dealing Magic Damage.

1.Shadow Stampede : First ability turns Faramis into a shadow increasing movement speed by 70%
and +90 physical and magic defense. When in shadow state Faramis can tag enemy hero units by
going through them attaching a chain. The tagged ones are pulled to Faramis’ position after a
duration of 3 seconds dealing 550 base magic damage.
Buff: Increase defense and movement speed
CC: Tagged enemies get pulled to Faramis

2.Ghost Bursters : This ability marks enemy units in a fan shaped area. A little different than
Eudora’s ability..this ability hits enemy heroes but if there are any other enemy heroes nearby,
they too get a hit, maximum upto 3 heroes. This ability can devastate enemy in a gank as
multiple targets allow multiple bounce hits from adjacent hero.
AoE: Affects more than one enemy

3.Cult Altar : His ultimate lasts for 10 seconds. A huge circle shaped area appears enough to engulf
all allied heroes in a gank. Allied heroes who die in the presence of this circle are immediately
brought back to life kinda like Orochimaru’s resurrection technique. There is no debuff to the ressurected
heroes and are at 100% HP and attack attributes. Ressurected hero lasts for 10 seconds after getting back up.
Heal: Ressurection

Tips & Tricks

Faramis is a great hero to buy and you won’t be bored to play him.
He is a very fun to play hero but greatly depends on team’s performance.
There is no way Faramis can carry a game on his own.
Faramis can solo lane but he is a support so better stick to a fighter. Yes, fighters are his best bet!

Use his first ability wisely to chain opponents. There’s no point chaining opponents when nobody’s around.
Also dont waste much time chaining as the shadow form doesn’t last long and try not to increase chain length too much as it breaks easily.

Use second ability when enemy units are cuddled up for that extra passive damage.

He is most useful in late game when marksman and fighters are farmed. Imagine fighters and mm haing dual lives in a gank. More than enough to wipe out enemy twice.
Use his ultimate at the right time focusing on specific allies.
I had best time fighting alongside stacked up Aldous who is enough to take on enemies with dual lives.

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