Rollable Smartphone Concept Exclusive Renders

No fold no flip, rollable phone is the future.

Today, foldable phones are reality unlike just a dream in the past. Two years ago it looked like a far dream to have such a technology, but not now it is in our hands. Still, it is so expensive that majority of us haven’t experienced it yet. Foldable phones you can buy right now are Samsung

Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Royole FlexPai, Huawei Mate X (China only). But their prices are sky-high, ranging from $1300 to $2200. These are insanely priced from a consumer perspective. This year might see more of these from other established brands too.

As the technology will mature, surely the prices will come down.

But what excites us today is the rollable phone. The concept of this phone was given by TCL company, which is an electronics manufacturer based in China. This company has a good market share in television manufacturing.

The mechanism is quite simple, the phone looks like a normal phone with a typical screen height width ratio. On one side of the screen, the extra screen is rolled, when pulled fr9m the other side, this extra screen shows to enlarge the available screen. When full open this looks like a tablet with a similar screen height to width ratio.

Absolutely brilliant, this idea amazed us so much that we made a concept video animation to represent this. See the below video from the Stuffbox youtube channel on rollable phone concept.

This sits into your pocket like any other phone, no need for added thickness like galaxy fold, which folds to double the thickness, making it uncomfortable to carry around.

Here are some renders of this amazing phone.

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  1. hello,
    I like samsung note s20 rollable. Better!!!.

    When are you coming samsung note s20 rollable?

    Are soon
    Andreas Saumweber


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