Huawei Mate X Launched. Better than Samsung Fold?

An era has just begun with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold in Samsung Unpacked 2019 event. But Samsung, Don’t underestimate others. Today Huawei came up with their foldable 5G phone (Yeah, Foldable+5G). It seems that Mate X is going to give a tight competition to Samsung.

So let us see first what Huawei shared with us, in their event Connecting The Future on the day “0” of MWC 2019 starting today.


Front Screen

Hola! No notch screen! Huawei came up with “full front screen”. Yes, only screen, nothing else on the front screen.

The screen size is 6.6 inch with a ratio of 19.5:1 and resolution of 2480 X 1148. The screen looks absolutely fabulous without a notch and such thin bezels.

Back Screen

It have a screen size of 6.38 inches and resolution of 2480 X 892.

Unfolded Screen

Mate X has the largest screen with a size of 8 inches and the screen resolution of 2480 X 2200. It has a ratio of 8:7.1.

So, we can say Mate X comes with three screens in one. And of course, no obstructing notch is a plus.

Front screen is bigger than Samsung fold

Yes, the front screen on mate X is much bigger than Samsung Fold. Even the unfolded screen is bigger, without any obstruction.


Outward Folding

Mate X folds outwards. Outwards folding has many benefits compared to in-word folding design. The outward folding design gives the capability of fold without any gap alike what we see in the Samsung Galaxy Fold.


Even the device is thinner than any other phone with a thickness of 5.4 mm. Huawei claims that Mate X is 6 mm thinner than other fold-able devices (Samsung Galaxy Fold is the only other device).


Huawei has engineered “Falcon Wing Design” for smooth opening and closing of the fold-able phone. The hinge is said to have more than 100 components.


Huawei Mate X will be available for now only in a single color that is Interstellar Blue.

Huawei has also designed a special case for Mate X.


Rear camera for a selfie! Yes, instead of having six cameras for different angles Huawei chose to go with the smart design. Only two cameras will cover every angle. Front too!

Huawei says it 2-in-1 Combined Rear and Front Camera. They have also introduced mirror shooting. That means, the person in front of the camera (not such as the front camera) can see himself on the back screen of the Mate X. Isn’t it innovative idea (tell us in the comment section below).

Other Specifications

  1. Mate X is a dual sim phone with 5G support
  2. Enabled with Wi-Fi 6
  3. Dual battery with a total of 4500 mAh
  4. Encrypted permanent user ID
  5. NSA and SA Support
  6. 55 W Super Charger with world’s fastest charging. It charges 85 percent in only 30 minutes.
  7. Ram: 8 Gb
  8. Storage: 512 Gb

Conclusion and Pricing

Mate X is Loaded with a lot of features along with 5G, which is only present only in Samsung Fold and Samsung S10 5G, other than Mate X. So obviously “a kidney for a phone” is not enough, you need to give two of them now (just kidding…buy phones with your money and not with your kidneys). Huawei Mate X is priced at 2299 Euros!!!

Huawei has not revealed the date from which we can (or cannot afford) buy phones in the market. But nearly mid of 2019 was announced.

In these three days, we have seen two of the First Fold-Able 5G phones Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X actual launch, not a leak or rumor. But till now, we don’t not them performance wise and of course, customers view with respect to new technology and such a huge cost. Let the time show us the future.

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