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Twitter is a social networking cum micro-blogging service in which users can post and interact with all the other 346 million monthly active users. The short messages which are posted on Twitter as a medium of interaction between the user and other users of Twitter is known as “tweet”. However, recently there was an update on restriction of minimum characters used per tweet from 140 characters to 280 characters, except for Japanese, Chinese, Korean languages.

Twitter is widely known and used social networking platform, with an average tweets of 6000 per sec, adding 350,000 per min, 500 million per day, and approximately 200 billion tweets per year. With such a vast users application, millions of photos and videos are shared on this platform daily, which can be retweeted but sometimes we love it so much that we wish to save or share it by downloading the photos or videos. It is simple for photos but the problem arise when it comes on videos.

In this article, we will briefly discuss about the different ways in which we can save the videos from Twitter. There are many methods available for both iOS and Android users. We will be taking for both O.S, You can also save the twitter videos in your systems too by following the similar methods for Android users.

Download Twitter Videos On IOS And Android Devices

There are plenty of ways available for android user by which they can download or save twitter videos. The first method can also be used by window system users, so they can download the videos on their system.

1) Adding sss at the head of the link:-

Follow these simple steps for downloading any Twitter video.

  • Firstly, open Twitter and Click on the tweet and copy the URL from the address bar or you can click on the tweet and then press the three dot button on the top right side of the tweet corner. Copy the tweet link by clicking on the “copy link to tweet”.
  • Secondly, past the link in the new tab and add “sss” at the head of the link.
  • For example, the copied link is:-
    Then by adding sss before
  • As a result it will redirect the page to a twitter video downloading site and from there it can be easily downloaded. You can also decide the quality of the video by choosing the option available.
Adding SSS link

2) Visiting Twitter Video Downloading Site

There are many sites available on which users can directly download Twitter video. First of all, Copy the tweet link and paste on the site. Secondly, video can be downloaded in any desired quality. Moreover, this method can also be used by Window user and Android user. However, iOS and mac users can download Twitter video in different ways which are discussed ahead in this article. For better understanding follow these steps mentioned below.

  • STEP 1:- Firstly, Copy the Tweet link
How to copy tweet link
  • STEP 2:- Now, After copying the tweet link visit here.
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 3:- Next, Paste the link in the section mentioned below and download the video.
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 4:- Up next, Download the video by selecting desired Quality
How to save twitter video

3) Twitter Video Downloader Application:-

On the other hand if you don’t want to visit any website and you are looking for a permanent application for downloading videos from Twitter. For that there is another simple way for Android user and iOS users as well, in which any twitter video can be downloaded using downloader application from the Google play store or App Store. Using these types application will shorten the work and will reduce your time. By following steps mentioned below you can download any twitter video (After installing the Application from Play store here). Note, All the iOS users can read point number 5 for understanding that how it works on iOS devices.

  • STEP 1:- Firstly, Click on the video
How to save twitter video
Source: Google Play Store
  • STEP 2:- Secondly, Click on share button as shown in the image below.
How to save twitter video
Source: Google Play Store
  • STEP 3:- Now, Select video downloader Application
How to save Twitter video
Source: Google Play Store
  • STEP 4:- Next, Download the video by Clicking on Download
How to save twitter video
Source: Google Play Store

By following these certain steps you can download any video from twitter. This is one of the best ways for downloading any video, but just in case you don’t want to download any extra application on your device then you can always go for the first method.

These are many ways in which user can download any twitter videos. Meanwhile, the next method is a third party application in which user can download any video that can be from Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

4) IDM:- Internet Downloader Manager

Source: IDM

IDM is a shareware download manager software which can be used as a default downloader application and also works as videos downloader tool. It is very fast and easy to operate compare to any other software or application available in the market, the most amazing about IDM is that it is available on Mac (Folx Internet Download Manager for Mac) and Windows. Thus all the mac users can also download videos on their systems. Further more for iOS, user can read point number 5 for understanding that how it works on iOS devices.

Using IDM you can download the video by clicking on the bar which pops up whenever there is a video on your screen. For instance, the example of the situation is showed in the image below.

how to save twitter video

If you are a Window user you can download IDM from here.

For Mac users, you can download IDM (Folx Internet Download Manager for Mac) from here.


There are many file manager applications available on iOS devices but MyMedia is more plain and simple to follow. It allows you to download and share the files. Beside that it works as file manager, photo viewer, audio and video player. MyMedia can be used to download videos from twitter by following the steps mentioned below.

  • STEP 1:- Firstly, Download MyMedia from App Store
MyMedia App Store
  • STEP 2:- Secondly, Click on Copy Link
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 3:- Now, Open MyMedia App and Click on Browser
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 4:- Paste the link copied from Twitter
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 5:- In Some cases, you can selecting the Video Quality
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 6:- Up next, Save video by giving name to the downloaded file
How to save twitter video
  • STEP 7:- Now, You can play or save the video on camera roll
How to save twitter video

Consequently, there can be some more ways in which Twitter videos can be saved. We shortlisted a few very easy and fast ways by which any user can save Twitter videos. So next time when you get up front with an interesting video which you want to share or just save in your camera roll, then by following one of the above-mentioned methods you can surely save any Twitter video. All these methods have been used and successfully verified by us, after complete satisfaction we are recommending these methods.

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  1. That worked very easy and simple. Thanks for this. Would love if you make the same for Instagram. I never thought that IDM could also be used as Twitter video downloader application.

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