Guinevere Mobile Legends New Hero

With Vale finally releasing on original server, advanced server has a new hero or I should say heroine… Guinevere.



Guinevere is Lancelot’s younger sister who belongs to Baroque family. She was sent to prestigious Magic Academy where she learned magic. She often tested her new magic tricks on Lancelot yet he loves her. She doesn’t want to marry and is in search of her beloved brother right now.

Base Stats

Initial stats without any items

Guinevere has pretty good stats as she is the only Mage-Fighter right now in the game. She is packed with amazing skills that consist of burst damage and crowd control as well.


Energy Wave

First Skill

Guinevere releases a magic orb towards enemy slowing them down by 70%. It deals 300 base magic damage and reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 second. It is not a lock on skill and need aiming.

Energy Wave

Magic Thump

Second Skill

Guinevere jumps on the enemy knocking them up in air for 1 second dealing 150 base magic damage. This skill is also not lock on and has 2 phases.

Magic Thump 1st phase

Guinevere can perform a second dash that leaves a dummy of her behind. This skill can be used for a get away skill as the dummy can take up enemy damage, also lock on skill damage.

Magic Thump Second Phase

Violet Requiem

Third Skill

Guinevere goes all out dealing 500 base magic damage to nearby enemies. If they are in knocked up state, they receive additional 6 knock ups back to back making it one if the best crowd control skill of the game!

Violet Requiem

Super Magic


Damage dealt to knocked up enemies is increased by 25%. This enables Super Magic enhancing next basic attack. Guinevere chases the enemy dealing 100 physical and 100 magical damage recovering 10% of lost hp.

Guinevere is still new on Advance server and is sure to undergo changes that is buffs or nerfs. I will keep you updated as she changes.

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