Apple music vs Spotify vs Amazon prime music

The the battle of music streaming services is brewing in it’s full force. in this article “Apple music vs Spotify vs Amazon prime music” we are going to compare all the top dogs in the market. Google music doesn’t make it to the competition. Here we are going to give all the pro’s and con’s of all the platforms. So let’s dive in.

Generally all the streaming platforms have features such as creating your playlist, sharing your music with others, listening to radio in some of them and of-course listening to millions of quality music ever published, listening to songs of your favorite singers or pop stars.

what we love about Apple music.

1.) Huge collection of high quality of songs

Apple music has a collection of over 45 million songs having good quality whether you hear them on speaker, headphones, earphones etc.

2.) Low annual cost

Apple Music costs $10 per month. It also gives free trials to new iPhone users or new Apple products. the $14 family plan allows for upto 6 people and annually it would cost less.

3.) Compatibility

3.) with Apple music you can link your songs with other devices like Homepod, earbuds, google mini home, Amazon echo and other android and windows devices.

Apple music on all devices
Apple music on all devices

4.) Easy Music discovering

You can find all the music that you love, you can even find music by searching for album or singer of that music. It also generates recommendation based on your taste of music and what you would normally listen to.

5.) offline your music

you can offline you music and can listen to it on the go. if you run out of internet this would really come handy.

6.) Connect with musicians

Apple music has a tab called “Connect” which tries to from a relationship between the musicians and the consumer. Musicians can share their lyrics, music, images, videos and their updates.

Apple music screenshots of layouts
Apple music

what we hate about Apple Music

1.) interface not great

many of the screen layout and cluttered and can confuse the user, It’s feels un-Apple-like. They have improved on the design changes in many iterations.

2.) No free music

It doesn’t have free plan/Commercial plan. So if you would seriously love to listen you must have some buck in the bank to enjoy your music.

3.) DRM protected songs

if you cancel your subscription you can’t keep your downloaded songs. It will lock all the songs with Apple FairPlay DRM.

What we love about Spotify.

Spotify logo

1.) free version

Spotify has an add supported version which allows you to listen your music for free, unlike Apple music. In the free version you are forced to listen to music in shuffle with other music other than your 15 demand playlist, but there’s a catch here you can skip on the music which you don’t want to here.

2.) Increase in the bit rate.

you can listen to songs at normal (96 kilo-bits per second), high quality (160 kbps) or Extreme quality (320 kbps). Note that to actually enjoy that high quality music you need a high end headphones or speakers.

3.) Offline mode

Spotify premium let’s you to download more than 10,000 songs and listen to it on the go. You can download songs by tapping on the download toggle switch, you will see green arrow pointing downwards when downloading your songs.

4.) No wait for new Releases

Spotify has a deal with UMG (Universal music group) through which new music is available to Premium user before its actual release in the market.

What we don’t like about Spotify

1.) No lyrics

Some time ago Spotify had a lyrics feature which allows users to know the lyrics of the song they are listening to, but they decided to remove it for some reason. If you are a person like me who wants to sing along the song being played you got to know the lyrics and so i hate that they removed that.

2.) Not available in many countries.

Spotify is not available in many countries like Hulu and Apple Music. To see the list of countries where Spotify is click here.

Amazon prime Music features we love

amazon-prime-music screenshots on mobile devices

1.) Updated content

once you subscribe to Amazon Prime music the entire music catalog is available to you. You can listen to tens of thousands of songs from today’s most popular artist on the platform.

2.) free trial

Amazon music also has free trial for 30 days, you can actually explore all the songs and decide yourself if you like the platform or not.

3.) Offline songs

like most of the above mentioned platforms you can download your songs or playlist and listen to it on the go.

4.) Cross platform

It works flawless with their home grown Amazon Echo and Dot wireless speakers. It also works well with many other Apple and windows platform devices. You can use it on 10 different devices with the same account.

5.) Prime benefits

If you are listening to Amazon Music then you actually have the Amazon Prime member benefits, like one day shipping, free delivery, exclusive deals only for prime members and a lot other benefits.

Amazon Prime, what we don’t love

1.) limited song catalog

Prime music started with only 1 million songs in the catalog, while other competitors having upwards of 20 million songs. If you found all the music that you love then it’s good the number of music in the catalog will not matter to you.

2.) only two major labels

Amazon has yet to sign the UMG (Universal Music group) which means artists such as Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga are not yet on the platform so you cannot listen to their music hits.

Wrap up

In conclusion i would like to say if you like to listen to good quality music you can definitely go with Spotify or Apple Music. If you are more into the Apple ecosystem then Apple music is your go-to Music platform. If you are an Amazon prime member then you probably have Prime music for free. Don’t go with Amazon just for the music. My best advice is try all of them because all have some kind of free trial or free membership so you can choose what works best for you.

Let us know if you liked this article “Apple music vs Spotify vs Amazon prime music” by commenting below. do let me know your experience with either of these platforms.

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